Inimist Technology Website is Up and Running!

Inimist Technology Website is Up and Running!

Congratulations Team Inimist!

Finally, we have got our own company website up and running. Thanks to the continuous efforts of Team Inimist to make this looking what it is right now. Going through continuous edits, updates and advises the site has turned up looking cool and fast, at least for us. Work positions are exchanged, forms were re-built and re-built, new pages and images were added and old were removed (which would never come to the outer world ever) and some plugins were modified and some were created afresh. Still needs a final push from our graphic designer to finalize a company logo which would also be the the logo of this website. For now what we have to do with this one, which is featuring right at top left right now.

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed.

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